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  Sherah Ancient Architect was premired at Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show Exhibit in 2003 debut of "Women of Biblical Proportion" is in national traveling invitational exhibit curated by Ruth Harris and Chantelle Cory. "The exhibit portrays the rich diversity of female biblical characters through contemporary art quilts. Expanding the boundaries of traditional quilting, this exhibit brings fifty dynamic quilt artists from across the nation together to explore another group of engaging and powerful women - the women of the Bible. Each artist selected one character to portray in quilt form, using her unique style and vision. Collectively, this exhibit tells the stories of both ancient and modern women." Randa
"Women of Biblical Proportion" - Sherah detail

Sherah detail

Story of Sherah Ancient Architect Sherah was an ancient architect who lived during biblical times written about in the Book of Chronicles. Sherah was of the tribe of Ephraim; daughter of Beriah and it is said that, she built three towns during her lifetime. Lower Beth-Horon and Upper Beth-Horon, these two sites on the southern (Benjaninite) border of Ephraim, northwest of Gibeon. Sherah is also said to have built Uzzen-sheerah, an undiscovered settlement not far from there. In this portrait of her, Sherah is reviewing the plans for each town and reviewing the builders' progress. The scrolls reveal Sherah's drawings of the stonework to be used and the archway designs planned for each building. Her companion is Achsah, "master landscape gardener" visiting with her from abroad and who has come to help layout the design for the vineyards that will be planted near each town. Bringing with her the grapevines for the town and other gifts, Achsah toasts the success of Sherah's bold endeavor with a goblet of her families' finest wine. Barbara S. Randall

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