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The Subdivision Series

"Northbound" "Subdivision #3"

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"Subdivision #5"

"Subdivision #6"

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The series called Subdivisions began during the time the city in which I live in was and still is expanding and planning. . Homogeneous pre-fabricated houses and apartments seemingly spring up overnight. Commercial businesses have taken over what used to be farmland not five years earlier. As I drive past these houses and strip shopping malls that developers are building, I wonder what this city's future will hold. Is the notion of progress/expansion equals prosperity always-such a positive direction for a community? With all the new building projects happening Interesting and fun!!

I started by using traditional pieced quilt tops that I have previously stitched as a to explore this series. I then deconstruct these and reassemble them with other fabrics and materials to create a new and more complex pieces. These fiber art quilts are embellished with various unusual objects giving the quilts an added sculptural dimension. Working in this manner, I felt I could express my concerns more deeply of the changes that were happening around me.

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